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To protect your privacy and ours we only accept Bitcoin. Bitcoin uses encryption and a system of peer-to-peer double checking to create a completely digital currency. No personal information is associated with your bitcoins at all, making them ideal for anonymous transactions. Visit the Wikipedia article to learn more.

Once you have the appropriate number of Bitcoins to complete your order you can then send them to the unique Bitcoin address generated at checkout. You may also pay to our Bitcoin address 1UisWevSB3dbuY6yiC8JHiU6KbrFErCwH attaching your order number in the note or label box.

Bitcoin exchangers will take many different forms of payment in exchange for Bitcoins. There are numerous exchangers from whom you can obtain Bitcoins to purchase your Fake ID a selection of these are listed below:

The Virtual World Exchange - accepts credit cards and PayPal for Bitcoins, you have to buy SSL first then exchange SSL for Bitcoin.
Coin.MX - accepts credit card and bank transfer with fast verification.
CoinMama - accepts Western Union and MoneyGram in addition to credit cards.
BitSource - accepts all major credit cards and bank transfer.
Bitstamp - accepts SEPA bank transfers and credit cards.
Cryptonit - accepts PayPal but has a strict verification procedure.  
Bittylicious - allows users in Europe to buy bitcoins using a credit or debit card, as long as the card is 3D Secure enabled. Users need to validate ID before purchasing.
MeetPays - is a Spanish Startup that provides secure and comfortable tools to buy bitcoins instantly anywhere, anytime.

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